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Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Marketing Executive

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A company’s ability to achieve its growth objectives depends on having the right marketing professional, especially in a rapidly changing market. So, there is no doubt that sales and marketing positions are the most challenging to fill, and finding the best talent involves everything from screening hundreds of resumes to interviews. Moreover, the interview process will require a lot of your time and energy. You must be certain that the prospective employee will fit your company’s culture and objectives.

Therefore, to help you make an informed decision, here’s a list of the top five things to look for when hiring a marketing executive.

1. Resilient
Top sales achievers have a unique ability to cope with difficulty, negotiate obstacles, and optimize performance in the face of adversity. They take rejection as a personal challenge to succeed with the next customer.

2. Good listeners
A marketing executive must listen to the customer’s pain point before they start selling your product or service. Great salespeople sell solutions to problems, and they do that by understanding and listening to the customer.

3. Optimistic and upbeat
Top salespeople tend to be upbeat and radiate a sense of humor, fun, and general positivity. While grounded in reality, they focus on what they can control and stay on course with optimism about what they can achieve.

4. Confident
Almost any role in the world of marketing will involve managing or maintaining relationships with clients, and a marketer needs to be confident. If they don’t believe in the product or themselves, they aren’t going to make a customer believe in the product.

5. Easy to talk to
They are generally sociable, get energized by spending time with other people, and like to talk and start conversations. They also tend to have many interests. This allows a salesperson to be willing to meet people, enjoy the interaction, and talk about many things. The more subjects they can converse about, the better they’re able to connect with the customer.

Talent acquisition and retention are hard tasks to accomplish, but following these tips can make the process a lot easier. Reach out to us at 5M Promotions Inc for more information on how to recruit the right candidate! We are a leading direct sales and marketing company in Florida, working on behalf of the leading telecom sector, including Verizon. We are known for building a solid rapport with the clients’ customers, driving substantial market gains.

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